We offer our customers, brushes in various options of synthetic hair and the brushes can be provided with blending of different diameters of hair filaments specifically for every particular requirement which can be used for different mediums like oil, acrylic water etc.

We are capable of creating new shapes other than the traditional shapes like round, bright, fan, liners, dagger, angular etc.

We can provide seamless ferrules in different materials including aluminium, brass with specific colour and finish, matt or glossy, nontoxic lacquered dipped handles with a variety of colour options as per Pantone shade card. Different lengths with the option of logo imprinting alongside customised packaging is also offered.

With our five decades of experience and help of our in house manufacturing plant & skilled workforce,  we can offer custom manufacturing services to meet the diverse, unique & specific needs of art/craft & cosmetic supply companies globally

We can customise your brush requirement in a wide variety of unique colours, hair stiffness,  sizes and shapes, giving you maximum flexibility to design versatile & innovative products. We can even create customise solutions to meet your product design requirements – GIVING EVEN MORE SOLUTIONS !!